Shopify integration

Optiply has a default link on Shopify. We use the REST API.

We set up the integration for you, but we need your help with this.

Go through the following steps:

1. Create an app

Customer must go to the store, then Apps and in the bottom follow the link “Manage Private Apps“

Then click the button “Create new private app“

Fill in:

  • Private App name
  • Emergency developer email

2. API information

After creating the app, send us the following information:
  • Shopify Shop Name
  • Shopify API Key
  • Shopify API Password
  • Shopfiy Example URL (for confirmation)


 3. Location ID

Also send us the Location ID of the location you want to connect Optiply to.

4. API Permissions

Moving down on this settings screen, customer must update Admin API Permissions:
We need Read Access on:

    • Inventory

    • Locations

    • Orders

    • Product listings

    • Products

    • Shop locale

When we have all the necessary information and right permissions, we set up the integration with Shopify for you and import the data we need.

Unfortunately, we cannot get all the necessary information from Shopfiy. Therefore, also follow the steps below.

5. Suppliers

We cannot extract supplier data from Shopfiy.

Send us a list of suppliers. We put these in the system for you.

6. Product-supplier information

Finally, we need to know which purchasing products are linked to which suppliers.

You can enter this via the frontend, via the API, or you can provide us with a list.