Product-Suppliers data

Linking products to suppliers can be done in several ways. The frontend and the API are preferred.

See here how that works:

Supplier selection

Besides manually linking suppliers you can also send this information via the API. If you can't or don't want to use this, you can also send us a list of product-supplier combinations. 

The information must be provided in a fixed format. The file must be a CSV file, separated by commas. Send the file to and we will process the list for you within 48 hours. Below you can read how to phase out multiple products at once by means of a list.

Product - Supplier

To link products to suppliers, you need to know which product it concerns and which supplier. Provide the SKU code or the EAN code per product with which you recognize the product. 

skuCode : SKU code of the product that you sell in the webshop, as it is in your system. 

eanCode : the EAN code of the product product that you sell in the webshop, as it is in your system. 

If you provide both a skuCode and an  , we ignore the eanCode. 

Besides the skuCode or the eanCode, we need the supplier name for which you want to upload the information. 

supplierName: name of the supplier as it appears in Optiply. 

price: purchase price of the product from the respective supplier.

An example of a file:

sku, supplierName, price
123-ABC, Supplier A, 0.19
898-OIU, Supplier B, 53.60
093-PEX, Supplier B, 27
098-WEK, Supplier C, 100.00

You can find a template of this file here.

If you want to link a new supplier to a product, always add the supplierProductName!

Other information

In addition to the above minimum information, you can list the following supplier information. These columns are not mandatory:  

Don't use a different decimal separator than comma to separate the csv file. Also, don't use a 1000 separator or currency sign. 

price: purchase price of the product from the relevant supplier. 

MOQ: (integer) minimum order quantity of the product from this supplier, 

lotSize: (integer) box size, "order by" of the product from this supplier 

preferred: (true / false), applicable when you purchase the product from multiple suppliers. True indicates that this is your preferred supplier of choice.

supplierProductName: the name the supplier gives to the product.

supplierSkuCode: the SKU code that the supplier gives to the product.

supplierEanCode: the EAN code that the supplier gives to the product.

supplierArticleCode: the article code that the supplier gives to the product.

availability: (true / false), the availability of the product from that vendor.

availabiltyDate: (YYYY-MM-DD) the date when the product is available again from that vendor. 

An example of a more complex file can be:

skuCode, supplierName, price, supplierEanCode, MOQ, lotSize, preferred, availability, availabilityDate
123-ABC, Supplier A, 0.19, 0021153262177, 1, 5, true, false, 2022-11-01
898-OIU, Supplier B, 53.60, 3975534109791, 9, 3, false, false, 2022-11-01
093-PEX, Supplier B, 27, 9333953554579, 600, 10, true, true,
098-WEK, Supplier C, 100.00, 5783611919761, 1, 1, true, true,
098-WEK, Supplier D, 98.00, 8483849303029, 1, 1, true, true,

A template of this file can be found here.


If the link between the supplier and the product already exists, we overwrite the existing data with new data in the last CSV file transmitted.

If the sku code or supplier name does not exactly match the name or code in our system, we cannot upload the information and it will not be processed.