How do I phase-out products (with and without a date)?

With phasing out you automate the ordering advice of products that you do not want to stock

You can phase-out a product as described below 

Product Details -> select product -> unfold -> phase-out

When ordering, it is also possible to phase out products in the 'purchase module'. 

Purchasing -> Order -> Unfold -> Phase-out

If you enable 'Indefinite', the product will never appear in the order advice again (or you have to switch it off). If you don't have the 'Indefinite'  button on, you can give it a date until when you want to phase out the product. When this date has passed, an order recommendation will follow.

For example, you can phase-out a product when you use dropshipping, cross-docking (buy to order) or when you want to have a product out of your assortment.



Phasing out multiple products 

If you have several products that need to be phased out. You can do this via the API or send us a CSV file. You can find how to do this here.

See for more information:  Phase out